Sundays ~ 6:00 - 7:30 pm

The Art of Meditation

Oct 11 to Nov 1

How to Solve Our Human Problems

Nov 8 to Dec 13

Kelsang Thaye

Taught by Kelsang Thaye

Course Descriptions

The Art of Meditation

Sundays from 6:00 - 7:30pm

We all want to have a peaceful mind. Meditating helps us to overcome stress, develop positive minds, and find inner peace. This introductory series is a perfect opportunity to learn the most essential points of meditation. Classes include practical instruction, guided meditation, and a chance for Q&A.

Class schedule
Oct 11Why Meditate?
18Basics of meditation
Nov 1Developing concentration

How to Solve Our Human Problems

Sundays from 6:00 - 7:30pm


When things go wrong in our life and we encounter difficult situations, we tend to regard the situation itself as our problem, but in reality whatever problems we experience come from the side of the mind. If we responded to difficult situations with a positive or peaceful mind they would not be problems for us. In this class, Kelsang Thaye will teach meditations to help us achieve these positive and peaceful minds. Class includes teaching, guided meditation, and time for Q&A.

  • Learn exactly what problems are and where they come from.
  • Find out how we can respond to difficult people and situations with a positive mind.
  • Discover how to reduce the painful minds of tension, frustration, anger and resentment.
Class schedule
Nov 8The inner source of problems
15The Noble Truths
22Dealing with Difficult People
29No Class
Dec 6A Better Outlook
13Letting Go

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