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Healing Day Retreat

Healing Day Retreat
with Medicine Buddha

Trina Gunther

Taught by Trina Gunther

Saturday, November 14
Three Sessions, 9am to 3pm
Recordings available for 5 days

Spend a day immersed in the healing blessings of Medicine Buddha.

Medicine Buddha is the embodiment of all enlightened healing energy. If we are willing to work at the deepest levels of body and mind, we can remove the most subtle causes of illness through the practice of Medicine Buddha.

Medicine Buddha is a reflection of our own potential for enlightened healing. He shows us who we can become. Through this practice we can effect profound and lasting transformation of ourselves and others. We can become medicine for this world.

This is a wonderful follow-up retreat to the Medicine Buddha Empowerment.

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Everyone is welcome! It is not necessary to have received the Empowerment to attend this retreat. Sessions include guided meditation and chanted prayers. You can simply listen to the prayers as they are played in the session, or you can also purchase and download the ebooklet of the prayers from Tharpa US.

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Class schedule
9-10:30amIntroduction + Session 1
11am-12pmSession 2
2-3pmSession 3

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Retreat is a time to set aside our ordinary activities for the purpose of focusing on a particular spiritual practice.

Except as indicated, all retreats are open to everyone. Beginners may prefer the guided retreats, but are welcome to participate in unguided retreats as well.

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