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This course is at — Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado (Downtown)

Free Yourself with Wisdom with our National Spiritual Director (Denver)

Gen Kelsang Rigpa

Taught by Gen Kelsang Rigpa

Sat, May 5
9:30am – 4:45pm

This event is a rare opportunity to contemplate Buddha’s profound wisdom teachings with our National Western Spiritual Director.

We believe that things are as real as they appear, when in fact nothing is as real as it appears. Like a mirage that appears to be water but is not in fact water, things appear in one way and exist in another. We are grasping at a reality behind the appearance of things, when there is none to be found. And this destroys our peace of mind every day.

If we didn’t suffer, we wouldn’t need to examine the nature of reality because we would be fine. But all our negative states of mind – such as anger and attachment, including all our unconstructive actions and their fruits of suffering – arise because we are ignorantly grasping at something that is not there.

Through Gen Rigpa’s practical explanations and guided meditations, we will learn exactly how to destroy our ignorance including all our pain and problems.

Not to be missed! Everyone welcome.


9:30am – 11am, session 1
11:30am – 1pm, session 2
break for lunch
2:30pm – 4pm, session 3
4pm – 4:45pm, tea time with Gen Rigpa at KMC-CO

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Location ~ KMC CO - Downtown

Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado (Downtown)

1336 Glenarm Place
Denver, CO 80204

Tips on getting here

Very easy from northern Colorado:

I25 south to Colfax (Colfax shows up on maps also known as US40 or Business I70)
East (left) on Colfax (about a half mile, go two blocks past Speer Blvd)
Left on Glenarm Place (go one block)
It's on the right.


Also quite easy.

When you turn from Colfax onto Glenarm place, at the next intersection is a traffic light. Right after that light there is a parking lot which is usually $5 on weekends.

Walk a few steps and you're at KMC Colorado.

If that parking lot is more expensive on a particular day, then the one behind it is often cheaper.

Metered parking is $1/hour, 2 hours max, so you'd have to keep feeding the meter.

KMC CO - Downtown ~ Kadampa Meditation Center Colorado (Downtown)

Everyone welcome!

Questions? Please call 970.482.7613 or email: info@meditateinfortcollins.org