Quick Path to Great Bliss

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Both Quick Path to Great Bliss and Dakini Yoga are Highest Yoga Tantra practices of Buddha Vajrayogini, containing all the essential practices of Secret Mantra. These sessions are open only to those who have received the appropriate empowerment.

Vajrayogini is a female Highest Yoga Tantra Deity who is the embodiment of indivisible bliss and emptiness. She is the same nature as Heruka. The instruction of Vajrayogini is the most profound teaching of Highest Yoga Tantra. In many respects, it is ideally suited to the present day, for example because it reveals how we can transform our attachments into the spiritual path. Originally taught by Buddha Vajradhara within Heruka Tantra, it is the supreme method for purifying our environment, body and mind, and is one of the main practices of the Kadampa tradition.

Heruka and Vajrayogini Month 2019

Guided retreat sessions on Sundays
Special Tsog pujas other days, see below.

Thursday, Jan 3, 6:00 pmQuick Path with Tsog
Sunday, Jan 6, 2:00 pmGuided retreat session 1 - Refuge and bodhichitta
4:00 pmGuided retreat session 2 - Bringing death into the path to the Truth Body
Thursday, Jan 10, 6:00 pmVajrayogini Day Offering to the Spritual Guide
Sunday, Jan 13, 2:00 pmGuided retreat session 3 - Meditation on divine pride
4:00 pmGuided retreat session 4 - Meditation on clear appearance of Vajrayogini
Sunday, Jan 20, 2:00 pmGuided retreat session 5 - Meditation on the mandala
4:00 pmGuided retreat session 6 - Meditation on the Body Mandala
Mon, Jan 21, 10am, 4pm, 6:30pmUnguided Quick Path Retreat
Tue, Jan 22, 10am, 4pmUnguided Quick Path Retreat
Wed, Jan 23, 10am, 2pm, 4pmUnguided Quick Path Retreat
Thu Jan 24, 10am, 4pm, 6:30pmUnguided Quick Path Retreat
Fri, Jan 25, 10am, 2pm, 4pmUnguided Quick Path Retreat
Friday, Jan 25, 6:30 pmHeruka Day Offering to the Spiritual Guide
Sunday, Jan 27, >4:00 pm<Guided retreat session 7 - Meditation on the central channel
>6:00 pm<Guided retreat session 8 - Meditation on the indestructible drop
Thursday, Jan 31, 6:00 pmQuick Path with Tsog