Tuesdays ~ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Heart Jewel Class

Sep 11 to Feb 5

Gen Kelsang Rinzin

Taught by Gen Kelsang Rinzin

Course Descriptions

Heart Jewel Class

Heart Jewel Class

Tuesdays from 7:00 to 9:00pm
Drop-in, September 11 - February 5th

Kadampa Buddhism is a special presentation of Mahayana Buddhism that makes the path to enlightenment accessible to people of the modern world. At the heart of Kadampa Buddhism is the practice of Heart Jewel. This powerful practice of prayers and meditation enables us to tap into something truly extraordinary, something sacred and pure that is beyond this ordinary world.

Join us for this special, practical course where you can deepen your experience of Heart Jewel, the heart practice of modern Kadampa Buddhism.

In the class schedule, page numbers refer to this book, Heart Jewel:

Book Heart Jewel2 3D
Class schedule
Sep 11

Introduction, pp. 3 - 11


History and Benefits, pp. 11 - 16


Offering to the Spiritual Guide (bring a small food offering)

Oct 2

Refuge and Bodhichitta, pp. 17-19


Inviting the Field for Accumulating Merit, pp. 23 - 29


Offering the Seven Limbs, pp. 29 - 36


Offering the Seven Limbs, pp. 29 - 36


Offering the Seven Limbs, pp. 29 - 36

Nov 6

Migtsema Practice: Part 1, pp. 37 - 40


Migtsema Practice: Part 2, pp. 40 - 49


The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, pp. 49 - 53


Mixing Our Mind with the Spiritual Guide, pp. 53 - 55

Dec 4

Migtsema Practice: Part 3, pp. 57 - 66


Close Retreat, pp. 67 - 77


Close Retreat, pp. 77-86


Happy Holidays!

Friday, Dec 28

Introduction to King of the Dharma Retreat (pp.67-86)

Saturday, Dec 29

King of the Dharma Retreat (must have previously received Je Tsongkhapa empowerment)

Jan 8

Introduction to the Dharma Protector, pp. 89 - 92


Previous Incarnations of the Dharma Protector, pp. 93 - 111


The Nature and Function of the Dharma Protector, pp. 113 - 119


The extensive fulfilling and restoring ritual of the Dharma Protector, the great king Dorje Shugden (starts at 5:30pm)

Feb 5

The Way to Rely Upon the Dharma Protector, pp. 121 - 124


Cost: $12 / class or free for Supporting Members

Location ~ Fort Collins  

Heruka Buddhist Center

149 W Harvard St, Suite 102
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Tips on getting here

We are just off of College Ave. Harvard is two lights north of the mall, or the first light south of Drake. Go west one block to McClelland, turn south, and then immediately turn into the parking lot.

NOTE: Parking is on the south side of the building, and entrance is not from Harvard St., but McClelland Dr.

Fort Collins ~ Heruka Buddhist Center