Mondays ~ 6:00 - 7:30 pm

The Mindfulness Toolkit

Mar 20 to Apr 24

Meditations for a Balanced Life

May 1 to Jun 19

Gen Kelsang Rinzin

Taught by Gen Kelsang Rinzin

Course Descriptions

The Mindfulness Toolkit

The Mindfulness Toolkit

Mondays, 6:00 to 7:30pm
March 20 to April 24

The Mindfulness Toolkit equips us with the basic tools we need to manage our emotions and bring our thoughts and feelings under control.

Classes will be arranged in two parts:

  1. Training in basic mindfulness--meditation techniques to improve our mindfulness and other mental tools
  2. Training in applied mindfulness--learning to apply these tools in and out of meditation to solve our daily problems
Class schedule
March 20What is Mindfulness?
28Watching Thoughts
April 3Guarding the Mind
10A Positive Intention
17Paying Attention

Meditations for a Balanced Life

Meditations for a Balanced Life

Mondays at 6:00 - 7:30 pm
April 27 - June 8

By meditating, we develop new, more balanced and positive ways of thinking--a better outlook on the world! We can see, all over people are having a difficult time with the pace of modern life and the negativity in the world. By learning to use the remarkable capacity of our mind we will find balance and be able to bring happiness to our self and others.

Class schedule
May 1Letting Go
8A Balanced Mind
15A Positive Vision
22The Prison of Selfishness
29NO CLASS: Memorial Day
June 5The Compassionate Heart
12Taking Away Suffering
19Living Lightly

Location ~ Greeley  

Heruka Buddhist Center in Greeley

710 Eleventh Ave, Room L30
Greeley, CO 80631

Tips on getting here

This is the old Greeley high school. It is next to the UCCC, Rec. Center, and Lincoln Park Library.

You may park in front or back. Or, there is a bus stop about 20' from the door on Eleventh Avenue at Eight St.

The easiest way to find room L30 is to enter the lower-level west doors on Eleventh Avenue, facing the Santiago's restaurant. If, instead, you go in the main doors, you will need to take the stairs or the elevator down.

NOTE: Even if you take the elevator, there are still 6 steps to go down.

Greeley ~ Heruka Buddhist Center in Greeley