Keep Your Practices Going at Home

Looking for some mental peace in these uncertain times? Wishing for a way to benefit others in our world? Want to keep your meditation practice on track? Tharpa Publications offers an array of options to suit your needs!

Guided Meditations ~ Audio Books ~ Prayer Bundles

Meditations for Relaxation ~ Meditations for a Clear Mind ~ Meditations for a Good Heart

Enjoy guided meditations at home! With regular practice, these meditations help us to experience inner peace and mental clarity, and to increase our love and compassion for others.

Deepen your practice through listening to and contemplating the meaning of Dharma through audio books. Available in CD format or mp3 download.

Make prayers to benefit yourself and others. Prayer bundle download cards include an ebooklet and the associated audio files.

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"Tharpa Publications is a non-profit organization that produces, publishes, prints and distributes wisdom for future generations.”

~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Founder