Heruka Buddhist Center is entirely locally supported. The annual budget is principally covered through your charitable donations and class fees. We thank you for supporting your center at whatever level feels good to you.

"Supporting Members" is a special program, whereby you commit to giving $60 per month and in return you receive:

  • Free access to all drop-in classes and meditations
  • Free access to Foundation Program (you must still enroll)
  • Free access to most unguided retreats
  • Half-price access to all other events at Heruka Center, including empowerments.

Supporting members are a great help to the center. The regular monthly income helps with budgeting and overall stability, thus enabling us to plan a stronger spiritual program of classes, retreats and events.

The fine print: In general, donations to Heruka Center are 100% tax deductible due to the 501(c)(3) status of the center. However, because Supporting Members receive benefits (free and reduced-rate classes), Supporting Membership is not tax deductible. For information on tax-deductible donations, please see our donations page.

For further details contact Kelsang Thaye at 970.482.7613 or admin@meditateinfortcollins.org

Great Bodhisattva Supporter

By request, we have added this option...

Become at supporting member at $108 per month, and receive

  • Free access to all events at Heruka Buddhist Center
  • Free recordings of teachings you attend.

Again, supporting members are a great help to keeping Heruka Center going strong. The Great Bodhisattva Supporter also has the same fine print as for Supporting Membership; i.e. it is not tax deductible because you receive benefits for it.

Thank you for your kindness!

Bodhisattva Supporter Subscription